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Providing Feeding Therapy for Picky Eaters to Children with Limited or No Eating Skills

Lil' Bloomers in Beverly Hills, California, understands that it can be devastating when your child has trouble eating.

Are your mealtimes a battle or have you given up hope of your child eating like "the kid next door?" 

Does your child always eat something different than the rest of your family?

Is your child failing to gain weight at an expected rate or low on the WHO growth chart?

Does your child have a medical history or a diagnosis that led to tube placement for nutritional support because your child couldn't eat? We are here to work in conjunction with your other specialists' in giving your child the skills he or she needs in order to become a vibrant indepenent eater!

Perhaps your child has sensory differences that make certain foods challenging? We can expand accepted foods and introduce your child to new foods that can become favorites!

Is your infant having significant feeding challenges?  Have you been told you have to stop breastfeeding? We facilitate skill improvement to allow for breast and bottle feeding (if desired) in preemies and infants.


Don't despiar!  We can help!


Whether you are seeking a one time evaluation, weekly therapy sessions, or our intensive 6, 8 and 12 week intensive programs, we can guide your child to reach new eating heights!

Our Philosophy on Feeding Challenges / Picky Eating


We believe that a child's behavior is always trying to tell us something.  We do not believe kids refuse to eat out of defiance. Children may learn to repeat certain behaviors, but we beleive there is always an underlying cause that started a particular behavior. 

Children may have trouble eating or become extremely selective about the foods they will eat for various reasons. A few scenarios we commonly see are challenges related to:

  • Feelings or sensations caused by the presence of a food or the feel of the food in the mouth
  • An inability to chew a food: the muscles of the mouth and body need to work in certain patterns for a child to be a safe and independent eater. Just because a food goes in the mouth and is swallowed does not mean your child has the skills or endurance to eat it safely.
  • An inability to clear a certain food that later causes a choking feeling



What to Expect During Evaluations


During your child's initial evaluation, your therapist will determine whether your child has adequate strength and stability in their oral / facial musculature and the identify the eating skills that are strengths and those that are challenging for your child. Sensory skills, behaviors, aversions, likes and dislikes, breathing, and swallowing skills will be taken into account. Your therapist will explore your child's history with foods, figure out why your child is having challenges eating all foods or certain classes or types of foods. and ultimately provide you with a definitive cause of your child's challneges with eating.

What to Expect During Feeding Therapy


Once your therapist has performed an initial evaluation, a comprehensive treatment plan will be developed. If your child has allergies, food restrictions for cultural / personal / medical reasons, medications, reflux, etc. these will all be factored in to the plan.

There are over 10 levels of purees and solids that kids consume. In addition there are 25 steps used to eat an individual food from presentaion to mouth. We will determine the level appropriate for your child during the evaluation to guide you in food selection for you child.

We do not engage in force feeding or negative reinforcement practices. As we develop your child's skills we will also develop a joy for eating through on-going postive experiences with healthy foods.


Non-oral Eaters / Tube Fed Children


If your child is not eating by mouth due to tube placement, we will focus on pre-feeding and feeding skill development and guide you and your child through the developmental process of eating. Some families and children may seek tube removal while others will not. In either case we can move your child to a higher level of success and confidence with skills and foods.


Preemies & Newborns


Confused by conflicting information or needing guidance?

We can evaluate your child's skills and help you choose appropriate nipples / bottles to encourage optimal feeding and appropriate weight gain. If you would like to breastfeed we will work with you and your child to facilitate latching, volume/ weight gain, and skill development.

If your child has a tube due to extension patterns in the body, poor sucking skills, or respiratory issues, we can guide you in next steps toward breast and / or bottle feeding and texture progression as appropriate.



Little Girl Eating - Picky Eaters

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